Your rental car: prepay for gas

Sometimes making it to the gas station after a long trip can be a hassle, so if you’d like to save yourself the task of refuelling after using your rental car, consider our full tank option. It allows you to pay for the gas up front, so you don’t have to repay us later.

The full tank option is great if you’re planning on using the car for several days. Ultimately, it gives you more minutes of precious road time.

Car rental advice

Even if you are on a hurry to get out on the road, make sure you allow yourself time to get to know your new vehicle. Every car is different, and some drivers get used to a new set of wheels more quickly than others, but making sure you’re familiar with the position of controls, lights, pedals and stereo functions can take your journey from stressful to smooth. Remember, you can ask a member of Karent staff to guide you through the features of your rental car.

Be sure you have an idea of where you’re going once you set off too. If you’re in a new location, do some research ahead of your trip so you know which direction to head in (or, ask us about our GPS service).

Prepaid gas gives you

More time behind the wheel

No need to visit the gas station

No need to carry cash


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